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Our Master's degree offers a wide range of advantages, joining the Master's degree is an opportunity to appreciate all of them :


  • Master's degree curriculum : We offer a curriculum in three different fields: Financial Markets, Corporate Finance and Audit. The vocation of this broad program is to give students the opportunity to succeed in a wide range of positions in the financial industry. You will find here the Master's degree curriculum. All courses are in French.



  • Faculty members : Our faculty comprises both Full Professors from the University and professional managers from the financial industry. This enables us to bring to our students state-of-the-art academic knowledge on financial topics as well as the operational expertise of senior executives.



  • Career opportunities : Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Trader, Portfolio Management, Advisory, Audit, etc. As our students’ skills, the career opportunities are wide



  • Alumni network : the alumni network includes 600 members, which help improving the students' career prospects, develop relations between graduates and enhance the Master's reputation



  • Seminar abroad : Each year the Master’s organizes organises a one-week-trip to London to allow students to discover this great financial hub and meet professionals. You will find here more information.


  • Students are chosen for their excellence : Our students have gone through a very competitive application process. All of our students have professional experiences in Finance. Furthermore, most of them studied abroad during their undergraduate studies. You will find here their photos and Linkedin profiles.


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