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Please note that this page describe the admission process for foreign students only.


The Master professional finance is open to high-level applicants with little or no professional experience, of all nationalities who hold:


  • A 1st year of Master’s degree in economics, finance or management

  • A Bachelor degree of at least four years from an academic institution outside France in economics, finance or management

  • A diploma in business, engineering or from a renowned foreign school


Our Master is also open to applicants having a diploma or certificates with an equivalent level as listed above. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about these requirements.

The application form should be sent by post to the office of International Relations (Link Below).

For more information Please follow this link,
Or send your questions to International Relations Office


To candidate, 2 steps :

  • First Step: Consistency of diplomas


- The International Relations office verifies the diplomas’ consistency of the foreign student. You can fulfil your online application here.


Please note: We strongly recommend that applicants send their printed online application form by post to the International Relations office as soon as they are registered.

February-March 2021

  • Second Step: Admission 


-  If the consistency of diplomas is granted, your application form is forwarded to the Master II in Finance admission service. The responsible teachers will examine it and will send you the result regarding your application.


- Meanwhile, you have to follow the online procedure for the visa on the “Campus France” website link here. (Follow the CEF procedure if your country is listed here ).



The admitted applicants have a short period to proceed with their online registration and to confirm their final choice.

June 2021

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